David is a technologist and entrepreneur with over 25 years experience productizing enterprise-level solutions. David is currently Co-Founder & CEO of Slingshot Aerospace, which provides the next wave of earth and space observation AI that allows enterprise customers to uncover valuable insights so that they can increase profitability and reduce risk.

As an entrepreneur and startup enthusiast, he has been responsible for guiding several businesses to product or platform marketability, including several venture backed companies with a couple of successful exits and more in progress. David is constantly evaluating new technologies and industries to identify where emerging technology can be applied to solve real world problems – with a specialty in architecting cloud driven applications, data platforms, and analytics solutions.

He has served as CEO for startups and as an executive in a technology, product and analytics capacity for many others. He is an LP in ATX Venture Partners and acts in an advisory capacity for early- and mid-stage startups. David has served on a number of non-profit Boards in Austin including Heart House Austin and the nationally renowned Star of Texas Fair and Rodeo.

David lives in Austin, TX with his wife Traci, his two daughters, Serena and Alexa and three dogs: Miller, Kona, and Macy. Outside of family time and working on building better startups, David likes to read, play games of all types and travel whenever the opportunity arises.

Knows what it means to be vulnerable and lead with transparency, which enables and empowers my peers, while still driving successful product execution and company vision.

Learned from my father, grandfather, professionals I have worked with and reading good, old fashioned books.

Favorite Superhero is Captain America, he’s a leader, patriot, and all around badass.. with or without the shield!